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Consultancy Recruiting and Staffing

Recruitment- Temporary/ Permanent Staffing

Streben has extensive knowledge on Product development and virtual engineering; this accumulation of knowledge on skills and job parameters arises out of years of experience and interactions with leaders from the industry

We provide recruitment solutions including Permanent Hire, Temporary Hire, Staff Leasing, to organizations of all scales: right from young dynamic start-ups and growing companies to Fortune 500 firms. We know the importance of having productive employees and the direct effect they have on a company’s success. We are committed to building a strong and lasting relationship where your total satisfaction is our priority.


Client Site Engineering Services

We can be an extension of your in-house design and engineering team by providing well trained engineers to work onsite at client facility. STREBEN’s engineers bring with them expertise in CAE tools as well as a solid grounding in mechanical design and engineering process. Our engineers are constantly provided updated training on the latest developments in CAE tools and functional knowledge through our internal training and mentoring system.

HR services / Recruitment Assistance

We recruit people for you.
We have domain experienced technical recruiters for assessing the prospective candidates. They complete an “in depth” study of available resources in the market and offer you the best suited profiles tailor made to your technical requirements and budgetary allocations.

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Temporary staffing requirements usually appear during unforeseen situations such as nature of project, sick leave/maternity leave of an existing employee, peaks in the workload etc. Some of the advantages in temporary staffing include:

  • Reduction in administrative overheads
  • The organization does not have liabilities associated with permanent employment
  • The duration of the contract can be flexible
  • Our service doesn't end with just getting you right staff. Unlike other placement firms, we support our consultants on a continual basis to deliver high quality services in a professional manner. We technically support them, so they can deliver quality work just as you want.